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May 16 ARTICLE: CELEBUZZ – Chelsea Kane Twitter-view Recap! 0
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Couldn’t make it to Chelsea Kane‘s live Twitter-view with Celebuzz that went down Friday afternoon?

You missed out on a ton of fun, but don’t fret because we have the full recap right here!

See what the 21-year-old star had to say about Dancing with the Stars, the Jonas Brothers, how she stays in shape and much more!

What has been your favorite DWTS dance? #ChelseaTwitterview – @PrincessSES
@PrincessSES My favorite dance so far has been the Jive. We didn’t get the best scores but it was so much fun to dance!

If you weren’t acting, what would your profession be? #ChelseaTwitterview – @elle_zig
@elle_zig Wow, I love acting and feel very blessed that I get to do it every day but I would definitely do something with Music.

Who have you gotten closest to on #DWTS besides @MarkBallas? #ChelseaTwitterview – @starryeyed47
@starryeyed47 It was really hard to see Romeo and Chelsie Hightower go. We had gotten super close.

How are you going to celebrate after winning the mirror ball? :D #ChelseaTwitterview – @TiffanyWhitmore
@TiffanyWhitmore Possibly backpacking accross Europe… after substantial gazing has been done at the beautiful glittering statue that is the mirrorball!

Who’s your role model? #ChelseaTwitterview – @Gottafindyou
@Gottafindyou Acting wise I would definately say Goldie Hawn.

What else besides dancing do you do to stay in such amazing shape? #ChelseaTwitterview – @rgreenfader
@rgreenfader A. Thank you! B. Brikram Yoga! 2 tips- drink tons of water and get a spot near the door.

What’s your favorite Jonas L.A. memory? #ChelseaTwitterview – @ayyitslysxo
@ayyitslysxo Flying over downtown LA in helicopter!

What advice would you give to young people who aspire to act? #ChelseaTwitterview – @TeamKanenBall
@TeamKanenBall No matter what be true to yourself. Feeling comfortable in your own skin makes all the difference.

Do you ever you’re your home here in AZ? #ChelseaTwitterview – @iRespectSelena
@iRespectSelena I always miss AZ. All my family and friends are still there. Plus, we have a pool. ;)

Who has you’re your favorite character to play? Tv, movies, etc… #ChelseaTwitterview – @realityxash
@realityxash I loved playing Annie in “The Homes” on

What’s your fave song right now? #ChelseaTwitterview – @Danilovesweezy
@Danilovesweezy Clementine by Sarah Jaffe

What made you want to join #DWTS? #ChelseaTwitterview – @TweetSavvy97
@TweetSavvy97 All the sparkles.

Did you realize how much support you had going into dancing? #ChelseaTwitterview – @april_pray4baby
@april_pray4baby Not at all! The support from fans has been incredible! I’m so touched.

If you were to star one movie, would it be romance, horror, comedy, or something weird? #ChelseaTwitterview – @bubblegum_198
@bubblegum_198 @CELEBUZZComedy! I like to make people laugh.

What is one of the funniest inside jokes you’ve shared with your #dwts partner @MarkBallas? #ChelseaTwitterview – @xMarseaObsessed
@xMarseaObsessed We have an on-going inside joke about toupees.

Have you always wanted to be an actress since you were little? If not, what did you want to be? #ChelseaTwitterview – @lilmisscarissa
@lilmisscarissa I wanted to work at SeaWorld.

Who’s your celebrity crush? #chelseatwitterview – @RubiiFlores
@rubiiflores Stephen Colletti. ;)

How long have you known Nicole Anderson? What started the friendship? #chelseatwitterview – @NYKaneTeam
@NYKaneTeam I’ve known Nicole for over five years. We met in an acting class before we booked JONAS together!

What’s your biggest fear? #chelseatwitterview – @TheJonasAcademy
@TheJonasAcademy I’m scared of revolving doors.

Do you have a guilty pleasure or song? #chelseatwitterview – @cindyglz
@cindyglz I love watching Toddlers and Tiaras. It’s my guilty pleasure.

What’s the most important thing you learned about yourself while being on DWTS? #chelseatwitterview – @stephyyweffy
@stephyyweffy That I can stand on my own two feet. I feel more fearless than ever!

What do you like to do in your spare time? #chelseatwitterview – @LuvuJBMCDL
@LuvuJBMCDL I love going to concerts! Check out I blog about bands.

How do you feel about getting this far on Dancing With The Stars? #Chelseatwitterview – @amandawhalon
@amandawhalon I can’t believe it! I am so thankful to everyone for voting for us every Monday night!


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