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Apr 17 Get ready to vote for #TeamKanenball on Monday! Here’s how! 0
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Hello Chelsea & Mark DWTS Fans,

As you know, this past week even with Team KanenBall being at the top of the leaderboard, they were not guaranteed a spot in next week’s show. That is because the judges scores only count half of the final total. The other half comes from YOU-the fans. Without YOU, Chelsea will be eliminated from the show! If you want her to stay on to dance each week and win the Mirror Ball Trophy here is what you need to do:

1. On Mondays, at 8PM EST (then the same for 8PM PST and 8PM C) you need to call 1-800-868-3401. Phone lines are open from 8 until 30 minutes after the show ends, but the longer you wait, the busier the lines get. CALL EARLY with every phone you can get your hands on! You have up to 8 phone votes per phone number.

2. If you are an AT & T customer, text the word “Vote” to 3401 during the same times that phone lines are open. You have up to 8 text votes per phone number.

3. If you can not call, or in addition to calling, you can vote online at You will need to register an account ahead of time. You must use a valid email account and validate your DWTS account before you can vote. You can make as many accounts as you want as long as they are connected to real email accounts.

Chelsea and Mark are bringing amazing dancing and energy to that floor, so the rest is up to you. Please vote, recruit friends to vote and support this team to the best of your ability!

Michele Plemons ( & Kimberly C. (

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